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That’s not to say you should never mention your religion, but unless it is very important to you, then you can leave it till you meet in person.

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In 1179 the Third Council of Lateran ordained that the poor be taught gratuitously, and in 1547 the Council of Trent decreed that in connexion with every church, there should be a master to teach the elements of human knowledge to poor children and young students preparing for orders.There were, therefore, numerous schools — petites écoles — for the common people in France in the seventeenth century, but teachers were few, because the more clever among them abandoned the children of the poor to teach those of the wealthier class and receive compensation for their work.Declared venerable in 1840, he was beatified in 1888, and canonized in 1900.The spirit of the institute, infused by the example and teachings of its founder and fostered by the exercises of the religious life, is a spirit of faith and of zeal.His zeal was as broad and ardent as his love of souls.The course of events caused the founder to transfer his novitiate to Rouen in 1705, to the house of Saint-Yon, in the suburb of Saint-Sever, which became the centre whence the institute sent its religious into the South of France, in 1707. John Baptist de La Salle composed his rules, convoked two general chapters , resigned his office of superior, and ended his earthly existence by a holy death, in 1719.It was evident that only a religious congregation would be able to furnish a permanent supply of educators for those who are destitute of the goods of this world.

The spirit of zeal attracts him towards children to instruct them in the truths of religion and penetrate their hearts with the maxims of the Gospel, so that they may make it the rule of their conduct. John Baptist de La Salle had himself given his Brothers admirable proofs of the purity of his faith and the vivacity of his zeal.C’est justement le classement des cinquante photos au timing le plus parfait trouvées sur internet (ou les plus parfaitement synchronisées, en français), que le site américain Twistedsifter s’est amusé à faire.Chauvinisme oblige, je me permets de vous faire remarquer que la photo numéro 43 a été prise à une centaine de mètres des bureaux de JSBG, en Suisse.They are, therefore, in accordance with the spirit of their institute, religious educators: as religious, they take the three usual vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; as educators, they add the vow of teaching the poor gratuitously according to the prescriptions of their rule, and the vow of remaining in their institute, which they may not leave of themselves even for the purpose of joining a more perfect order.Besides, the work appeared so very important to St.In 1680 the new teachers began their apostolate at Reims ; in 1682 they took the name of "Brothers of the Christian Schools"; in 1684 they opened their first regular novitiate.