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Donna worked as a cook for Johnny’s Café off and on for over 48 years.

She married Leon Mc Nabb on March 5, 1970 and together they raised three children- Jackie, Sanford and Juanita.

Peck area so he hauled in some trailers and bought adjacent land with small houses on it, which he rented out.

This provided an adequate income during their retirement years.

While not as enthusiastic about farming, he learned to love the changing seasons and the joy of a good crop in the bin.

As the middle child of 13, he left home early to find work, which would supplement the family income.

Mc Nabb, age 84 of Glasgow passed away early Sunday morning, December 17, 2017 at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow.

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His greatest joy were his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

He returned in March of 1945 from overseas and ended the war driving for the Russian delegation as a chauffeur in the UN Conference in San Francisco.

In October of that year he was furloughed from the service and returned home.

He was proud of his Army experience, but never shared many stories.

The Park Grove Bar echoed with his huge laugh during the time he and Mom operated it.