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PSQ has always been a family owned business and has a single class of voting common stock outstanding.

The 500 outstanding shares are owned as follows: Nick Adams serves as President of PSQ, and his father Sandler serves as Chairman of the Board.

Amy is the company’s CFO, and Abigail and Charlie work as employees of the company. The redemption is tentatively scheduled to take place on December 31 of this year.

Sandler would like to retire and sell his shares back to the company. At the beginning of the year PSQ had accumulated earnings and profits of ,500,000. The company intends to pay pro rata cash dividends of 0 per share to its shareholders on December 1 of this year. Assume the redemption takes place as planned on December 31 and no elections are made by the shareholders.] Thriller Corporation has one class of voting common stock, of which 1,000 shares are issued and outstanding.

Christine’s tax basis in her Jayhawk stock is ,000. How much of the 0,000 distribution is treated as a dividend to Christine? What is Christine’s tax basis in her Jayhawk stock after the distribution? What is Jayhawk’s balance in accumulated E&P on the first day of next year? [LO2] This year Sooner Company reports current E&P of negative 0,000.Why is a change in stock ownership test used to determine the tax status of a stock redemption? [LO5] What are the criteria to meet the “not essentially equivalent to a dividend” change-in-stock-ownership test in a stock redemption? [LO5] When might a shareholder have to rely on the not essentially equivalent to a dividend test in arguing her stock redemption should be treated as an exchange for tax purposes? [LO5] Why do you think the tax law imposes constructive stock ownership rules on stock redemptions? [LO5] Which members of a family are included in the family attribution rules? Ilya owns 200 shares of stock in Parker Corporation.Is there any rationale for the family members included in the test? Is Olga deemed to own Ilya’s 200 shares under the family attribution rules that apply to stock redemptions? [LO5] Maria has all of her stock in Mayan Corporation redeemed.What potential tax issue may arise in this situation?Which parties, Amy or the corporation or both, are affected by the classification of the payment? [LO4] Why might a corporation issue a stock dividend to its shareholders? [LO4] What tax issue arises when a shareholder receives a nontaxable stock dividend? [LO4] In general, what causes a stock dividend to be taxable to the recipient? [LO5] What are the potential tax consequences to a shareholder who participates in a stock redemption? [LO5] What stock ownership tests must be met before a shareholder receives exchange treatment under the substantially disproportionate change-in-stock-ownership test in a stock redemption?On the next page enter the ABOVE email address, click "SET MY OWN" and amount as 20, your name, message( part of the question) and delivery date (now) and CHECKOUT.