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Dating japanese guy

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Ladies, still not sure if your Japanese boyfriend is serious about your relationship or simply just playing around and using you to practice their foreign language skills?

Well, after talking to various Japanese guy friends on what they would do if they were really serious about the girl they are dating, I compiled a list of signs to show that your Japanese boyfriend is really committed to your relationship.

If you’re studying abroad in Japan, you should check if your university has an LGBT organization.

In addition, some NPO groups and other organizations have begun to run local events and monthly meet ups.

He is protective of your safety, such as when you are on crowded trains when you could easily get molested.

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If you’re more outgoing, bars may be a good option, and they may feature a different set of individuals than smartphone applications.Japanese men, or Japanese people in general, are famous (or notorious? It is commonplace for me to book appointments with my Japanese friends for weeks or months in advance.Furthermore, Japanese people are always seen with their notebooks or planners to write their schedules.He is not embarrassed about being seen in public with you and gives you a look of confidence and support when your feet start to get cold before meeting his family.If your Japanese boyfriend sounds like the above, date him, treasure him, love him and better still, marry him.If you are looking for a guy who never stops declaring his feelings and promising the world to you, I would not recommend dating a Japanese guy since you will only be disappointed. That being said, Japanese men show their affection more through actions and not merely words.