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The lust for gold brings eleven visitors to a remote island retreat, but an unseen, seemingly unstoppable evil follows to stalk them one by one.

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Most of these are located in colder climates near bodies of salt water.

In the case of the Osterby Man found at Kohlmoor, near Osterby, Germany in 1948, the head had been deposited in the bog without its body.

Around 3900 BCE, [13] agriculture was introduced to Denmark, either through cultural exchange or by migrating farmers, marking the beginning of the Neolithic in the region.

The first more fully documented account of discovery of a bog body was at a peat bog on Drumkeragh Mountain in County Down, Ireland; it was published by Elizabeth Rawdon, Countess of Moira, [29] the wife of the local landowner.

On various occasions throughout history, peat diggers have come across bog bodies..

[1] It is caused by the unique physical and biochemical composition of the bogs.

However, a CT scan of Grauballe Man by Danish scientists determined his skull was fractured due to pressure from the bog long after his death.

Layers of sphagnum and peat assist in preserving the cadavers by enveloping the tissue in a cold immobilizing matrix, impeding water circulation and any oxygenation.

Glob, it was he, more than anyone else, [who] helped to arouse the wide interest in Danish antiquities such as the bog bodies.