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Why not take a trip to a pet-friendly pub with your date so you and your little furry friends can enjoy the comfort of a cozy pub together?

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Gimpers: Harsh whipping with an electric whip would be truly lovely.

Throwing a bucket of water over the bound babe would enhance things nicely.

** Amy wrote "BTW, I'm really sorry about the mess in my closet.

If I knew you were going to hide in there, I would have organized things a little better." Ah.... Oh..Amy...is fun....you think you can remove the refrigerator you placed in front of the closet door so I can get out already.

We just see Lana being tied up in one painful position after another. Grade: This loop shows Laurie Sands, America's oldest sorority pledge, going through the sisterly initiation ceremony of the Rappa Tappa Thigh* sorority at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa).** It starts off pretty easy, with her in a standing spread-eagle, cleave gagged, her dress hanging in tatters. Now here’s a good one: standing up, suspended by a rope tied around her tongue! Add on to that, after a bit, a tiny string tied around each nipple and those tits get pulled taut. Her breasts are meatier, and her hips and ass remind us of a prehistoric fertility goddess.

Rope gag, tight crotch strap, legs tied in poses that strain her flexibility. Next we find her suspended horizontally by her wrists and ankles, wearing only her panties (the same ones, incidentally, that Lonnie Andrews just wore). Finally she gets tied in a chair with a vibrator jammed up against her pussy. Add on a compelling story line and you have a first-rate loop.

My first wand, purchased brand new, burned out after two or three uses.

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Its conception, its model, the variety of torment, are unparalleled.

However, any kind of metal has a conductivity more than a million times higher than sea water...

Just wetting a leather whip with tap water will not make it very conductive. Can't wait to see the latest, and catch up on some of my favorite classics! I've updated my clips4sale store and will be at it for a while, getting some old stuff up and posting new content. Now that it's done, they'll make the site live soon.

I did some stuff on a smaller scale, without the heavy impact.

My second Violet Wand had an attachment, a long beaded chain like you find on a keyring.