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Jennifer garner michael vartan dating alias

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Expect more denials from the Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck camp on this latest twist in their divorce dilemma, but it looks like Jennifer Garner is rebounding with her Alias costar Michael Vartan (and maybe another hunk too! The National Enquirer reports that “Michael’s been a total rock for Jen throughout this whole nightmare.

They both know exactly how the other feels.” Michael Vartan broke up with his wife this time last year so he’s on the market and we know he and Jennifer Garner have great chemistry.

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[btw, this means Vaughn will be killed off in the first few episodes] If he can't be monitoring her activity personally, the best he can do is take his concerns public. Why else would he be so excited about her pregnancy?While Jennifer Garner's star is on the rise with a new film Elektra and a red-hot romance with Ben Affleck, her ex-beau and Alias co-star, Michael Vartan, can't get over their brutal breakup.Even worse, he's still having to film steamy love scenes with Jen -- the woman who friends say he asked to marry, but who instead dumped him in June 2004, before taking up with her Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck just weeks later! Then, just one year later, Vartan found himself in the unfortunate position Foley had been in the year before: Jen left him in June and by August was dating Affleck (reportedly she developed a crush on him when they worked together on the film Daredevil back in 2002).The worst thing, though, is that they're killing off Vaughn just when he was getting really interesting.[after all, it was his 'My name isn't Michael Vaughn' line that redeemed the entire kinda-mediocre-to-that-point season for me] As a committed Alias fan, I'm pretty disappointed that Garner couldn't just suck it up for one more season. He's not the only one scratching his head over how Jen ended up with Affleck.In this post, I'll be going behind the scenes of everyone's favorite spy show, Alias. I know you can't believe everything you read on the internets, and I don't blame you.