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School days dating sim wiki

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This drama is sooo good I am totally in love with it! I enjoyed watching this drama but this surely isn't the best out there! OI/Gugudan's Sejeong and totally see her as the character she's playing.I swear my favorite "couple", Sa-Rang, Kyung-Woo, just disappeared and their story never progressed :(. I swear his scenes are useless and dont add the the story at all. It's against my rule of oppadeul fangirling XD Anyway I love the story and the chemistry!! so what if he's just a labourer or a taxi driver, at least he has a decent job, not stealing, murder or conning other people ...How crazy is a school that watches more for the student's note than in the student itself.This rich × poor hierarchy was also a wonderful idea for drama.

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love his character Taewoon shi & Kim Sejeong character Eunho. In my top 4 dramas along with W, Scarlet Heart and Suspicious Partner. The plot, the setting and the characters fit together perfectly.they worked hard to put food on the table, have a roof on our heads etc .. Also gives me perspective as well since I live in the US and high school is... It actually reminds me of a High School version of my first K-Drama, The Queen's Classroom. Before this I've only known her as Sejeong and I've watched most everything she's been in but in watching her as Eun Ho I actually forget that she's I. I commend all those actors and actresses with their great work and I commend also all of the staffs. There's a perfect balance of romance and suspense, while addressing a lot of problems of high school students. It started off a little slow but it's gotten so much better after the first two episodes.Actually, i think 2015 is much better than this one. The story is addicting, chemistry of eunho and taewoon is crazy, the ending is perfect too in my opinion. But it's lacking in screentime of the other characters. Bora and younggun also make up with each other all of sudden in the last ep, without explanation how they make up. I can say this is the best school series I've watched. I never comment on these pages, but omg i have to rant about the unjust airtime for the side character :( . I prefer this one than School 2013 and School 2017. life is unfair but someone can be brave enough to change something for others... Wakaka I am so glad Kim Jung hyun is older than me.