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This statute does not abrogate the common law, but merely insures that a permanent record is made of the name change.
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” Well, sometimes you don't need two hours to get the point across.Sometimes the lessons we learn are just so simple and perfect that they only take a few minutes.Washington went to Fordham University, but he proved to be a poor student initially. Washington later won a scholarship to the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and afterwards worked with the Shakespeare in the Park ensemble.After taking some time away from college, he returned to the university with a new interest in acting and graduated with a B. Washington made his feature film debut in the comedy . De Mille Award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at its annual Golden Globe telecast.An inspired reworking of the uplifting 1940s movie The Bishop's Wife, The Preacher's Wife stars Washington and Whitney Houston at their dazzling best.With so few days until Christmas (ONE to be precise), we're all looking to do one of two things: We either need to rush through stores online and offline looking for the perfect gift or last minute stocking stuffer or we need to absolutely forget the fiasco that was attempting to Christmas shop so close to the day; just admit defeat.Between Charlie Brown's disdain towards the materialism that was Christmas around him and Linus' monologue explaining the true meaning of Christmas, the lessons are easily found and your heart is quickly warmed to a lovely 'extra-warm.' If that doesn't do it for you, you can at least laugh at Snoopy or at Lucy and their antics.

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This incredible movie from the mid-eighties has a great cast of actors including John Lithgow and Dudley Moore, and was the quintessential Santa Claus story for the longest time. For those of you who enjoy Tom Cavenaugh's work, this will add a Christmas movie to your list of things you loved him in.

Even now, the old special effects don't look half bad, the story is still cute and the birth of Father Christmas is heart-warming. Tom plays the newest in line to become the next Santa Claus, but has managed to lose one of the reindeer a few days before Christmas.

I enjoyed this movie and I think it’s definitely a cute movie to watch, especially if you're running low on Christmas movies.

Vance) despairing the potential loss of a youth center, he dispatches an angel (Denzel Washington) to help him out.

Trouble is, the preacher isn't easily convinced that his guardian angel is the real thing.